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SYMPOSIUM 27+28.4.23

Identifying, collecting, and sharing knowledge in Sámi studies in 2023

University of Strasbourg (France)

Partners | ERLIS, MISHA, UR1341

Wessel, Ellisif Rannveig, Grenselandmuseet Kirkenes

Our discussions will seek to analyze the definition and limits given to Sámi identity, as well as focus on present and past exchanges with other cultural and political spheres in Nordkalloten.

→ History, Politics and Law

How to preserve the right to auto determination in Sápmi? What place for local ecology knowledge? How post-colonial studies have shaped the historical review of Sápmi?

→ Linguistics and Sociolinguistics

Are sámi languages the smallest defining elements of a unified community? How to characterize the minorization dynamics in national language policy? What about majoritarization within the group of Sámi languages?

→ Culture, Art and Literature

Which representations about the Sámi people? Which elements unify the discourse on indigenousness in Sápmi? What is being Sámi in 2023?

State of the Art in Sámi studies

The symposium is the first step in drawing the state of scientific art in Sámi studies. The proceedings will be published in a peer-reviewed journal in 2024.

Call for paper

Application deadline: 1.1.23